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We were expecting twin boys. All went well. At 38 weeks, on Friday, I went for a check up - both Theodore and Tim were fine. On Saturday, the next day, I felt pain. When I came to the hospital, they could detect only one heartbeat. We lived through agony, nurturing one son and burying, grieving for the other. No one can, no one ever will replace Theodore. I only wanted the answers - why? whose fault it was? Tamara Miller researched relentlessly. She represented us throughout a very long investigative process. I did not get all of the answers. One is clear - medical professionals violated the standard of care when they did not induce me on Friday, at the end of week 38. And I got closure. And we were awarded settlement. All thanks to the brilliant work of our lawyer team. Thank you, Tamara! Your work helped put a roof over the heads of my children Timothy, Gregory, my mama’s and mine.

Thank you, MillerMasciola
Elena, mom of Timothy, Theodore, and Gregory

Elena Arakelian

Medical Malpractice

It is an honor and privilege to share our incredible experience with the MasciolaMiller law firm. Throughout our five year case Peter, Tamara and Josh Rothman consistently demonstrated their exceptional professionalism, genuine caring, and an unwavering commitment to achieve justice for us in our military medical malpractice case. Peter and Tamara’s decades of collective military experience as attorneys was clearly an asset during the process. Particularly noteworthy was Peter’s ability to anticipate the government’s strategy. In doing so, he was able to prepare and effectively advocate for us throughout the case. Also key was Peter and Tamara’s ability to foster positive interactions with the government attorneys in what could otherwise have been a very adversarial relationship. Additionally, the firm’s paralegal, Josh Rothman, demonstrated exceptional skill and promptness in assisting us navigate through the process. We are extremely grateful for the outcome which will allow us to move on with the ability to now mitigate the impact of medical malpractice that has significantly impacted our lives. We absolutely and without hesitation WILL refer anyone requiring legal representation to the “winning” MasciolaMiller team.

Dorene Hurt

Medical Malpractice

Highly recommend Tamara Miller. Her experience and tenacity are remarkable. She is always prepared, keeping well ahead of any and all deadlines. That she truly cares is evident in just how hard she is willing to fight for you.

Christian Millett

License Board Defense

I was very pleased with the excellent services provided. They were always responsive to my concerns and represented my best interests at all times. I highly recommend this firm.

Russell Hicks

Hospital Credentials Defense

Extremely happy with the representation, including the time and effort they took with my case. Highly recommend them as they were great to work with! Not only do they represent in your best interests and are professionals in what they do, but they were also very helpful with answering any questions we had.

Jay Ghetia

Medical Malpractice

Ms. Miller is an excellent choice if you need an attorney who is responsive and dedicated to helping you. She understands her clients and her matter of fact style of explanation is appreciated in this day and age. She guides you through the process and sets expectations in a way that mitigates emotions. I felt valued and understood the whole time.

Chris Smith

License Board Defense

The MasciolaMiller law firm was selected on a recommendation from a trusted friend and was the “Best” advice my wife and I have ever received.

Attorneys Peter Masciola and Tamara Miller explained the five year legal process needed to support our military medical malpractice case. They were eloquent, knowledgeable, encouraging, and most effective in making their arguments. Peter kept us informed of each step in the process, what the strategies were, and the risks involved. He was able to anticipate the government’s position and offer strong counter arguments. He prepared us well for our testimony. Tamara offered a fresh perspective on the legal options in our case and always advised dynamic approaches. She was optimistic and confident in her counsel during the legal proceedings. Joshua Rothman, the firm’s paralegal, was thoroughly helpful to us in providing important information about our case; collating our medical records; and preparing legal documents for our signatures.

We believe it is crucial to have an experienced medical malpractice legal team on your side that can provide you with expert legal advice. On a scale of 0.0 to 5.0 we would rate the MasciloaMiller law firm with a score value of 5.0. This law firm has met the challenge and has performed in a truly extraordinary manner on our behalf. We highly recommend MasciloaMiller without any reservations.

George Alexander

Medical Malpractice

By the time I reached out to MillerMasciola I was tired, depressed and had not been performing at full capacity for over a year. I’d always had reservations about seeking legal help for various numbers of reasons. When I met Tamara and Miller Masciola my fears diminished. They helped me build the confidence I needed to take on the task of seeking justice for myself and for my family.

The team is great. I knew that I had a qualified team that believed in my case and that would fight so that I would get what I deserved. Tamara was always available and present in the case. Not only did I have a great lawyer but a strong advocate that believed in me and my case. I trusted her opinion, strategy, and knowledge. Josh, the super paralegal is personable, warm and his research is impeccable. Peters’ presence is calming and reassuring.

Thank you MillerMasciola for restoring peace back into my life. Since our WIN my family and I have been thriving, happy and so glad to be able to that chapter of our lives behind us but more importantly I now know that I am worthy, deserve to be treated with civility, with dignity and respect in the workplace. I would recommend MillerMasciola in a heartbeat to anyone seeking justice. What seemed to be a very challenging experience turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.

Thomesena Kenion

Civil Litigation

MillerMasciola provided exceptional counsel to my family and I during a very difficult circumstance. Pete and Tamara did everything that you want a law firm to do. They, of course, knew the law and advised appropriately. They also were zealous in arguing on our behalf and unrelenting in their advocacy. We view them as our attorneys - present, not past - and as our friends.

Don Dunbar

Military Board defense

Please let me take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for everything you did to help me get through this painful credentials process. Thank you very much. You were very patient with me and thorough in providing me the best legal counsel possible. Thank you for being my legal voice and counselor. With this unanimous decision, I certainly do feel vindicated.

Sharon G.

Hospital Credentials Defense

Wonderful Lawyer!

Tamara Miller represented me on a legal matter which had been in litigation for a period of three years. I was very fortunate to obtain the legal services of Tamara Miller. The unique circumstances of my case required a unique combination of sympathy, practical knowledge and judgment, which Tamara never failed to provide. At every juncture of my case, Tamara was available, compassionate and caring. Her professionalism, knowledge, expertise and aggressiveness were and continue to be a great help to me. I cannot find the words to deeply express my gratitude. I am highly honored and privileged to write this endorsement and thank you.

Tamara is so committed to the care and concern for her clients, she provides them with a level of confidence and sense of ease. During the litigation process and even now, I continue to feel her support and commitment in my life. She gave me a sense of entitlement, ownership and responsibility that had all been taken away. The encouragement and acts of kindness will never be forgotten.

The final conclusion on my case was more than a satisfactory judgment in my favor. I would not be able to enjoy this result without Tamara's efforts. She is caring, committed, tenacious and has a "can do attitude." I could not more than highly recommend Tamara Miller to represent other Federal Employees. She is an outstanding Attorney, a Client Advocate who seeks to obtain the best for her clients.

Robin G.


Excellent attorney!

From the moment we spoke, I knew that I had a passionate lawyer who I can trust. Tamara Miller provided me with exceptional service and made my case and needs a priority. I cannot say enough about her professional and caring demeanor. She was very knowledgeable of the process and procedures regarding to MSPB matters. She explained the positive and negative possibilities and was up front with all phases of my case. She provided emotional support when I needed it the most. Her legal advice resulted in a positive outcome for me; I would highly recommend Ms. Miller to anyone who needs an exceptional and dedicated Attorney.

Corinthia F.


It is always good to have access to an exceptionally good lawyer, who also gives honest advice about the chance of success. That is a great combination. Thank you!

John B.


I could never have expected such a fantastic person, from her heart to her professionalism. Tamara Miller never once gave up, she had quite the battle and we persevered! If you want this type of Attorney on your side, do not hesitate one moment. She will get the job done, and with her on your side you will win! Thank you for all you did Tamara.

Patty Flynn

Civil Litigation