Trusted Legal Defense for Medical Licensure Issues

Stethoscope and court hammer

Medical Credentials and Professional Licensure Board Defense

Physicians, Nurse practitioners, and many other specialized health care providers require privileges to practice in a hospital or health care facility. When those privileges are suspended, put in abeyance, limited, restricted, or revoked, it can lead to devastating consequences for that professional’s ability to practice and earn a living.

We have specialized expertise in representing medical providers who are targeted for harassment or discrimination. This includes race, color, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, disability, religion or other protected characteristics.

MillerMasciola has decades of experience helping credentialed medical providers, both in the military and private sectors, enforce their legal rights during adverse credentialing proceedings and protect their licenses to practice medicine and nursing. When your professional health care credentials and license are on the line, call MillerMasciola to schedule a consultation at (202) 223-8181.